How to Watermark Your Photos

Wendy had emailed earlier this week with a tip for adding watermarks to your photos.  The first photo below from Wendy’s blog is a little naked at the moment.  What we’re aiming for is a watermark similar to the photo on the right from the Picky-Palate blog.

Bottom left hand corner - Watermark
No Watermark

Wendy, La Phemme Phoodie, with gorgeous photos all over her foodie blog, wrote this:

I exchanged messages with Jenny at PickyPalate. She uses Picnik. I have been using Picnik so I was thrilled to hear she was doing it on their site. It’s super easy.

On the Create tab, click in to Text. Type your text, Add it, and toggle through over 100 fonts until you find the right one. Click and drag the text wherever you want, and use the circles around the box to both resize and rotate. The ‘Text Properties’ box lets you adjust the color, Size, Fade, and both horizontal and vertical flip. Use the Advanced Blend Modes to instantly transform your text into a perfect watermark.

Tip: Use keyboard shortcuts to move your text in exact increments. If you’re a perfectionist, you can use your keyboard arrows to move text very slightly, Shift+arrows moves it a little more, Ctrl+arrows moves text a lot.

Picnik is a program online, where for $25 a year (or free for the lesser version) you can edit your photos easily. Click here to view all the options (and there are a lot of them!):
Picnik: photo editing awesomeness