Keywords & Analytics

30 Seconds to Finding Keywords

One of the most important things we need in our businesses is traffic. These are all questions that we can actually answer in a matter of seconds:

  • What are the readers searching in google when they click on your website link?
  • What placement are you in Google for certain keywords?
  • What pages on your site are the most popular (and may need updating)?

What keywords are in your readers’ search results?

Walk with me step by step and you can get those answers in under a minute.  

1. Log into Google Search Console, click on “Search Queries”. Under “Queries” in the table, you’ll see the search results that people are using to find your site.

2. CTR means “Click Through Rate” that is how often google users click on the search result from your site. If it is low that means your custom description/meta tag could be better.

3.  Average Position = the average position of your site on the search results page for the period the graph is displaying (by default one month).

4. Click on the keyword itself (its a link) and you can see more detail.

What pages are the most popular?

While in the search queries page, click on the tab beneath the title, “Top Pages”. And there are your top pages. You may want to consider updating older pages that are still getting lots of hits. These are great pages to turn your new visitors into subscribers.

Are my readers engaged with the content?

The 30 second method to answer this question is to log into Google Analytics. Go to Audience -> Behavior -> Engagement. You can tell right then and there how long they are staying on your site.

Ask yourself – when you are browsing or researching, and you find what you want, how long do you stay?

That answer should give you a guideline for how engaged or how accurately your search results are representing your page’s content.