3 Is WordPress Secure?

Is it personal?

Imagine a huge plate of spaghetti noodles piled high on a serving platter. For our illustration that will represent the internet.

“Malware” is simply anything that does harm to your particular noodle.

Malware is not looking for your noodle in particular. It is simply looking for any website with a vulnerability.

My point is that it isn’t personal – this is not a targeted attack destined to do your noodle damage, although it can feel like it.

Is WordPress Secure?

If a celebrity gets a cold we all need to know about it. If you or I catch a cold, it isn’t really news worthy. Somehow, the more popular you are, the more gratifying it is to find your weaknesses.  The same is true for WordPress – it is insanely popular.  So there are some who find it somehow entertaining to challenge the security of it.

On the flipside, because it is so huge, and because WordPress is ‘open source’, it’s backed by 100’s of developers and 1,000’s of contributors all making it better and more secure by the day.

Literally – by the day. It’s mind-boggling.

So is it secure? I see it like a race. Just as fast as the evil minions can come up with malware, WordPress is fighting to become impenetrable.  And yes, I’m betting on WordPress.