How to manage WordPress 3.0 Menus

Menus used to be a list of pages – automatically created. NOW, with the advent of WordPress 3.0 and upward you can create menus in a drag-and-drop interface.

  • Navigate to Appearance > Menus
  • Under “Edit Menus”, select from the drop down or click on “create a new menu”
  • Give your menu a name
  • Click “create menu”
  • Left hand boxes (pages, categories, custom links, etc) contain many options for adding to your menu – just click the checkbox and click “add to menu”
  • To create a sub-menu, drag an item to an indented position under another item – the indented item is now a submenu item
  • Assign this menu to the head, footer or any other place that is available
  • Click on “save menu”

Once you have your menus created, you can also add them to your sidebar, by using the “Custom Menu” widget.

  • Just drag the custom menu widget over to the sidebar
  • Select the menu from the drop-down option
  • Give it a title