How much does blogging cost?

Budget Lines for Blogging

These are the budget lines that you’ll need to account for in 2017, if you haven’t already. See below the list for a quick definition of each and what you can expect to pay.

  • domain
  • hosting
  • software license
  • antivirus license
  • business of blogging services
  • maintenance costs


Each website has an address that we type into the address bar in our Chrome, Safari or any other browser. This one is I have to purchase the license for every year to be sure that no one else uses it.

Your domain name can be bundled with your hosting, which makes it confusing to know which is which! But the domain is actually a separate thing altogether. They range from $0 for the first year to $25/year.


Your hosting account is the piece of the internet server that you ‘rent’. This is where we put your website. And we give it the address mentioned above – your domain name. Then it is available online.

The hosting needs to be purchased from someone with a fancy computer that is viewable all over the world, and yet protecting you from bad guys. Renting a spot on that special computer is called hosting.

The biggest hosting companies are GoDaddy or Dreamhost. We recommend Websynthesis or Orange Geek for full time bloggers. If you’re started, we sell hosting too! Expect to pay from $8/mo to several hundred.

Software License(s)

If you use Gravity Forms, Akismet, Dropbox, Photoshop, Canva or any other subscription or licensed service, don’t forget to account for these! Here’s a list of the most common ones we renew:

  • gravity forms
  • carousel or slider plugin renewals
  • Premium plugin (ie SEO or Recipe) renewal
  • dropbox, file storage software
  • podcasting/ mp3 storage software
  • WP Backup software
  • Akismet / antispam
  • Sucuri / security
  • photoshop, canva, picmonkey or any photo software
  • Merchant Account annual fees

Antivirus License Line Item

This one deserves its own explanation. You need to have this on ALL devices. Unfortunately we fix blogs quite often that were infected by the owners computers. Have the best antivirus protection you can get – you can’t afford not to! I use Norton 365 and I’m really happy with it.

Other reputable ones are Avast, AVG and Kaspersky. You can expect to pay $50 – $199, depending on how many devices you need to protect.

Business of Blogging Services

What are the services you use in the day to day operations of your business?

For us, this includes subcontractors, email marketing software (Convertkit), CRM (Cloze), and financial software(Freshbooks).

You will also need to pay your professional services people like lawyers, accountants and bookkeepers.

Truly Geeky Maintenance

Whether you hire someone as needed, or you go with a subscription package, you need a geeky person to review your site. Your site will be more secure and make more money (if you get a review).

Nice to Have Budget Items for the Blog

Once all those items are accounted for, use this space to add any additional wish-list type of things. Only include items that will have an excellent ROI. I include things like:

  • education, seminars, workshops
  • books
  • special one-time services like a branding review or a marketing plan