On-Page Optimization Checklist

Optimize your content

  1. Be clear: If your keywords are “bacon salad” – be sure to use the words “bacon salad” in the text somewhere!
  2. Use sub-titles appropriately.  If it is important and on topic, highlight them with your mouse, and click the Paragraph down-arrow. Select the appropriate heading format (don’t just embolden them)
  3. Complete the “alt” field when inserting images.
  4. Keep your site fast! It matters! Don’t use excessive images/ audio/ video because it will slow down your site.
  5. Use links with “title” tags.
  6. When linking to your article, use descriptive text as the link (anchor text) instead of “click here”.
  7. Don’t make your content difficult to find among ads.
  8. Use proper grammar and spelling.
  9. Use “Rich Text Snippets” or “Microformats”  (for videos, images, recipes, etc) to make it easier for the search engines to see your content. (Yoast SEO for WP does this automatically for you.)
  10. When writing a sponsored post or receiving compensation of any kind use no-follow (paid links give an unnatural advantage to those who have paid for them).