Use this plugin to reduce the number of emails you receive

Lately we’ve had the privilege to work with authors from Tyndale House and Concordia Publishers. In doing so, we’ve found this fantastic plugin for events listings.

The Events Calendar!

Download from here. And then you can set it up in the “Events” tab on the left.

Under General Settings

Edit these settings:

  • use Javascript to control page load
  • End of Day cut off
  • Default currency symbol
  • the rest can be left as defaults.

Under Map Settings

Edit these settings:

  • Enable Google maps
  • the rest can be left as defaults

Basic Template Settings

You can check and uncheck these 3 different style options. Refresh your page and have a look to see which template style you prefer.  The rest of these settings are self-explanatory.

Adding Events to a Menu

The menu screen automatically has a new section “Events” and “Event Categories” which you can click on to add to the menu of your choice.

Adding Events to a Sidebar

There is a widget that comes automatically with this plugin. Just drag the widget to the desired sidebar and you can view a list of upcoming events!

It couldn’t be easier! We loooove this plugin!