Review of the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes

Please take a moment before you dive head first into Divi and all it offers.

There are some big reasons that some speak out against Divi. Sadly, or happily maybe, if you aren’t in geeky circles, you might not know that most developers do not like Divi.

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They don’t like Divi! That wonderful, easy to use, (installed by thousands of WordPress designers) WordPress theme – called Divi by Elegant Themes. Now – we need to cover something FIRST –

Elegant Themes is a great company, helping thousands of small businesses get online without needing a developer or coder, thereby making the barrier to entry almost nil.

Although not trying to specifically speak out against Elegant Themes, I feel that too many don’t realize the downside of Divi when they begin using it. And after you begin using it, it is almost impossible to stop.

Let’s discuss.

DIVI Creates Slow Loading Blogs / Website

This is true of every single technology (so far) that offers easy-to-use interfaces; it does so at the expense of flexibility. In other words, easy-to-use and flexibility are at odds with each other. You can’t have both. Divi creators have chosen ease-of-use.

To create this easy-to-use theme, there is a TON of pretty options, dials and switches for you to use without any coding. There is however, a lot of coding that went into those options, dials and switches – making that page bigger and slower to load. Now, imagine that on every single page.

Divi blogs and websites will take longer to load. If you get under 1,000 visits per day, the difference is not noticeable. If you are loading ads and other javascript and getting a bigger and bigger audience, you will definitely notice the difference.

Do not use Divi if you are a serious blogger or creating a website to get lots of traffic.

Divi Ruins Opportunity to Export Content

This is probably the biggest reason no one  should use Divi. (Sorry, Elegant Themes!) If you use Divi and drag and drop all those little boxes all over your pages, imprints of those boxes are left in your content. These ‘imprints’ are left in the actual paragraphs and layouts of your text.

If you change themes or export your content to another platform, there are imprints left in the middle of paragraphs, around each image, embed or anything else that you’ve used. They are random words inside [square brackets]. And they are [EVERYWHERE]…

This means if you use Divi for a while and then change your mind, every single page that you’ve ever created needs to be edited. Ouch!

Please reconsider Divi – I’ve had to help people move away from Divi too often and it’s painful!

Want to know which theme to use?

I’ve curated 12 themes with very different calls to action, focus points and uses. Have a peak at these and it will give you a good idea of what you will need for YOUR purposes.

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