Wix vs. WordPress

Question: Should I use Wix or WordPress?

Each platform has their pros and cons. Since WordPress is so popular and obviously my platform of choice (WordPress Barista hello!) let’s compare each to WordPress.

[info_box type=”note_box”]Note: When I’m comparing these to WordPress, I’m talking about the plain stand-alone WordPress (you can download at WordPress.org), NOT the one at WordPress.com.[/info_box]

Wix vs. WordPress

[col_wrapper] [col2]WIX: Price: free & premium plans.

The most popular is $12.95/mo

Free plans leave your site on username.wix.com/sitename so you cannot have your own domain name unless you upgrade. Free plans include branded ads.

Main applications like analytics and social sharing are apps that you add-on to your account.[/col2] [col2_last]WP: download for free

Monthly costs for WP include hosting ($6/mo and up). It isn’t fair to leave out that there will be a time or financial cost to maintenance with WP. Because it is so robust a platform, you will likely seek help for edits and upgrades, or need to spend some hours learning how to DIY.

Themes and plugins are free – some are premium if you choose that route. [/col2_last][/col_wrapper] [col_wrapper][col2]Wix: Ease of Use

Wix shines in this area – it is an easy drag-and-drop editable interface.[/col2] [col2_last]WP: Ease of Use

WordPress has a Word-like dashboard that requires a bit of a learning curve. To have full control, you’ll have to learn about the various sections: widgets, menus, pages and posts.[/col2_last] [/col_wrapper] [col_wrapper] [col2]WIX: Design

Wix designs are all HTML5 and responsive. The Wix design module comes with over 500 themes. Once selected the themes can be edited and re-arranged easily.

The downside is that once selected, the theme cannot be changed.[/col2] [col2_last]WP: Design

The benefit to WordPress is that the theme library has thousands of vetted and safe themes for use. To edit them beyond basic colors and headers will require a little css knowledge.

Themes can be written or changed at will.[/col2_last] [/col_wrapper] [col_wrapper] [col2]WIX: Add-ons

On premium plans, Wix offers a WixStore (integrates with only 2 payment providers) and provides add-ons for most commonly requested features: social sharing, analytics, contact forms, email lists, etc.[/col2] [col2_last]WP: Add-ons

There are over 40,000 plugins in the WordPress Plugin Library. It is one of the best features of WordPress. If you can imagine it, there is likely a plugin for it!

WordPress add-ons are the leader in all major website builders.[/col2_last] [/col_wrapper]