1 Start at your Computer


Make sure your computer is secure (use anti-virus software, use 2 if possible).  Make sure your network is secure (use a firewall).


  • Passwords need to be changed and random: admin users, FTP users, MYSQL users.
  • Make sure all your passwords are randomly generated.

Since starting this business almost 10 years ago, I have seen thousands of passwords. Have you heard that most people use passwords like their names, children’s names, birthdays, and words like “adm1n” and “passw0rd”? Let me confirm that that statement is 100% correct! You would not believe the number of insecure passwords I’m given on a daily basis.


Make sure your WordPress, Plugins, and Themes are all updated and from reputable sources (use as few as possible). See our WordPress Upgrade Page for details.

78% of malware cases can be attributed to outdated WordPress or plugins! (source)