Social Media Warnings


Stop doing the slave-to-my-business thing, and start working smart.

The Biggest Change: Social Media

We are bombarded with choices: webinars, e-books, checklists, cheat sheets, pins, e-courses and email challenges. And most of it is regarding social media and how to massively increase your followers.

Are you on Periscope? Snapchat? Facebook pages or groups? Twitter still? Does anyone use Google plus? Don’t forget about Linkedin and everyone’s favorite – Pinterest!!

We’re talking about filtering the online noise in the Heart to Heart newsletter – you can get that here if you’re interested. But there are some overarching principles that will help every single one of us.

If you’re following the timeline here, you’ll realize we’re talking fairly recently. So I’m in no way an expert or even experienced in this. I’m learning and growing and willing to pass along my failures and successes in the hopes that it will help you.

Failure #1: Too much of a good thing

Its obvious – social media is fun, distracting and excellent if you are procrastinating.

However, to actually make money, social media/traffic can only be part of the growth equation. For example, if you spend all your time gaining followers but don’t have a highly converting website, you won’t grow.


[list style=”style1″] [li]Chris Brogan says – spend 20 minutes. 5 minutes to schedule posts, 5 minutes to respond to direct messages, 5 minutes to pop in live, twice a day.[/li] [li]Use scheduling apps: bufferapp (G+, Pinterest, Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook), latergramme for Instagram, and Board Booster for Pinterest. [/li] [li]Make the most of your time by posting at optimum times (most scheduling apps help with this – I use bufferapp and boardbooster to help me determine best times of day to post)[/li] [li]Set a timer. You know you need to![/li] [li]Spend the most time with the places where you can be the most help to the people who a) want your services and b) have a proven record of paying for them (Brian Clark)[/li] [li]all messages should be designed to help others and lead to thoughts like, “Why aren’t I working with(or buying from) her?” (Caitlin Bacher)[/li] [/list]

Failure #2: No Purpose

What are you doing on twitter besides tweeting? Why are you pinning? What is that gaining you / your business?

Yay for friends and contacts. But if they’re not making you money, is that a business activity or a personal one?

A website presents you a valuable opportunity to develop the kind of relationship that you choose with your audience. (Amy Porterfield, Chris Brogan, Brian Clark, Michael Hyatt and more) You need to point all serious conversations and business building opportunities to your website. Provide value – on your website.


[list style=”style1″] [li]always list a highly converting website landing page in profiles [/li] [li]don’t move people OFF your site by listing your social profiles [/li] [li]always use your business name for continuity[/li] [li]retain branding through out social networks and website for recognizability(we use this plugin)[/li] [li]although conversation does happen on social media, the best content should always be on your website[/li] [/list]

Failure #3: No Sales/ Conversions

If you go to all the trouble of earning traffic, be sure to have a compelling offer for them – prove your worth as a contact and a source. Ask for the email in exchange for something that really should be a paid resource.

Nurture that relationship weekly through email. Most people won’t buy at first contact. It is said that people need 11 ‘touches’ before their first purchase. Be sure that you stay top of mind, and provide value for the duration of your relationship.

Failure #4: Doing too much

The number one cause of Warren Buffet and Bill Gate’s success was “focusing on one thing”. We can only focus on one thing at a time. Pick your social media focus – just one. It should be the one where your audience is. Boost it, brand it, fix it, schedule it, optimize it – WORK it.

Get one completely automated and down to an art before moving on.


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