Verify your Business Account on Pinterest

Pinterest has taken on recipes, e-commerce, google maps, gifs (not that gifs are necessarily a good thing) and now analytics! The trouble is you can only see analytics for your pins if you are a ‘business’.

A business is anyone from a blogger, professional, to marketing personnel.


Before you can convert your personal pinterest account to a business account you need to have a verified website. If your site is already verified – just go and click on ‘convert here’.

To verify your site – follow these simple steps. Then go back to and click ‘convert here’.


Step 1 – Grab your unique Pinterest Meta Tag

1. Go to Pinterest, log in. Click your name -> “Settings”.

2. From the “Account Settings” screen, click “Edit Profile”. It looks like this one by Kate of Framed Cooks. Click on “Verify Website”.


3. From here, click “Verify with a meta tag”

meta tag

4. Copy the entire code (1) Do NOT click the button yet.


Step 2: Paste your Pinterest tag into Genesis theme Settings

1. log into your dashboard. Click on Genesis -> Theme Settings tab


2. Scroll to the bottom, the “Header and Footer Scripts”.

3. Paste the code into the first box. If there is other code there, just scroll to the very end, and paste.


Step 3: Complete the verification on Pinterest

1. Go back to Pinterest -> Name -> Settings -> Edit Profile -> Verify Your website

2. CLICK! (2)


Now – if you’d like to switch your account to a business one, go to and click on the small link “convert here”.

Note: several times, when following this procedure ( in Chrome on Windows) the verification results in an error message. Simply log out and log back in – and you’ll see it was actually successful.