Block Editor vs Classic Editor – for beginners

Do I have to use the new Block Editor?

So you’ve heard of the Block Editor (also called Gutenberg) and you want to know if you MUST figure out how to use it. The truth is no you do not. It was officially scheduled to end ‘support’ December 2021.

However the classic editor is going to be officially supported for another year – ‘sunsetting’ in December 2022.

Technology Adopters

“Diffusion of Innovations” is a theory that breaks down people’s adoption habits for new technology. These are the official groups, which one are you?

That last one is awful! I don’t care what you say, I’m no laggard.

Right now in the stages of adoption of the block editor, we’re hitting the late majority – most people have tried it. But we don’t know how many have learned to use it successfully or are comfortable getting rid of the Classic Editor.

Since we’re in the Late Majority at this point, I think we need to step up our game. If for nothing than to avoid being a laggard. I think that had to be an expletive, maybe 100 years ago?

Is there a good reason to switch editors at this point?

You mean other than avoiding being a laggard? Well, let’s see. Since I started using it, reluctantly mind you, I’ve had some real aha! moments with the Block Editor. Here are a few of the things I’ve been able to do:

  • Add fun icon lists like this one.
  • Add a Table of Contents (above)
  • create full-width sections on normal pages and posts
  • remove the header or footer on landing pages(we’re supposed to do that)
  • remove the page title so that I can add my own prettier one (or an image)
  • create full-width sections on normal pages and posts
  • add columns without any plugins or shortcodes
  • add signup forms without any special plugins, shortcodes or html

And since I’ve gotten used to it, I actually kinda like it!

So here are some reasons to switch if you’re feeling reluctant. Other than the obvious laggard issue.

  • Number one it is easier to use
  • Easier to create nicer-looking layouts
  • A lot more flexibility
  • It’s prettier
  • It’s more secure – we can remove quite a few plugins if you switch to the block editor
  • It’s inevitable. Resistance is futile. (Who gets my reference there?)

Not switching to the block editor is the equivalent of using a land line. Oh! Or those plug-into-your-car cell phones. Remember those?

To be honest, I still have something against the cell phones nowadays. They don’t come with a manual! I have to get my kids to help me with mine all the time. Anyway, I digress.

Will WordPress’s Classic Editor go away or disappear? And when?

Officially the classic editor plugin will no longer be supported at the end of 2022. That means that it won’t have any official support. If it continues to be popular I imagine a developer will pick it up and continue to update it.

Is there a manual for the block editor?

Apparently manuals are a thing of the past – along with land lines. But I do have a class coming out next Wednesday (September 15) for absolute beginners to help you get comfortable with the editor. The first class is free and I think everyone will learn something in it.

If you’re interested in a block editor class, sign up here:

The plan is to have a group of six classes available on the 22nd of September. The first class is dropping September 15th and will be free. I hope you give it a go!

How can we support your journey into the Block Editor Jungle?

I have a question for you. Would you prefer the use of a Facebook group for support during the Block Editor classes or a Slack Channel or something else?

Let me know if you’ve given the block editor a try – and how did it go?

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