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LPM Blog with Beth Moore

The LPM Blog has been running since December, 2006 and averages 450 comments per post. 
Is your ministry or church interested in starting a blog? Perhaps the experiences of Beth Moore’s Blog team can point the way.  

Why did LPM start a blog so long ago?

When Beth stopped teaching her Sunday school class a few years ago, her daughter, Amanda, thought a blog might be a different outlet for Beth to connect with the ladies she served. At that time, blogging was fairly new but was becoming widely popular. Amanda was right, within a year the bloggers who participated and commented back, quickly became near and dear to Beth.

What role does the blog now play at Living Proof Ministry?

Soon after the blog was started, it became its own community. The LPM bloggers are lovingly referred to as Siestas. Anyone can be a Siesta, no one is excluded, and it just means that you read, comment and interact with the other bloggers on the LPM blog. With that said, it plays a very big role!

Has the feedback received from the blog changed or shaped anything that is currently happening at LPM?

I think it has shaped LPM in that we serve an entire group of online ladies that we dearly love. In fact, we’ve hosted a few events for Siestas. Twice we have had a scripture memory team where we’ve invited ladies to memorize scripture with us on the blog. When that particular year was up, we hosted scripture memory celebration for them in Houston. Every other year we also host a summer Bible study with the ladies! Without the blog, none of this would exist.

Do you have any words of encouragement or tips for ministries that might be thinking of starting a blog?

I’d say go for it, but don’t compare your blog to anyone else’s. What is your reason for blogging? If you’re going to use this avenue, then use it and keep it up to date. If you only post once a month, people may not be as committed to it, so to keep your audience committed, you need to stay committed. Also, don’t forget to just have fun with it!

Many blessings to you and your ministry, may Christ be honored and glorified through you!

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