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How to Build a Resource Center Page

Good morning friends!

We have a new blog post up! We find that very few of you have taken full advantage of your category pages. Did you know they can be huge SEO magnets?? Some call them a Resource Center, or Silo or Landing Page – they’re all the same.

Building a page that groups your content can create a resource center. Regardless of the name – creating these pages shows Google your authority, relevance and recent content. See examples and tips in today’s post…

Call it a Resource Center, Category or Landing Page – building a page that groups your content under a particular topic is one of the best ways to meet the needs of your readers, not to mention it attracts links and shows search engines your authority.

Resource Center Pages Demonstrate Authority

Resource Center Pages demonstrate your authority on a particular topic. Authority gives your current readers confidence and is exactly what google-users are looking for.

You know what you’re talking about! So let your readers (and Google) know that you know! When your content is authoritative, and attractive to google users, that means its valuable to Google.

Remember – Google is just trying to get the best result for people that use their search engine. They look for sources of authority on the topic being searched for.

Demonstrate your authority by using any means at your disposal on this page. See examples below.

  • offer services? display testimonies
  • decorate or renovate? Use before and after photos.
  • write content? use social proof
Display Testimonies and White Papers
Ispydiy.com Before & Afters
Social Proof – recipeteacher.com

Resource Center Pages cement Relevance

One post or page may be relevant, but your resource center page should be on the more common topics that you cover. Within that resource page on your site, you link to your articles, media posts, social media, tutorials, services, products, references. All the items that you list are all around one topic – making that page not only the authority on it – but also highly relevant to the search term.

The goal is to mention the search term not once or twice, but to create the entire page around that topic. If you have content that is truly relevant to the search term, truly authoritative and provides a great user experience, you are more likely to BE the result Google is looking for.

Resource Center Pages Stay Up to Date

The benefit of using WordPress as a Content Management System is that it is a dynamic website. You can create a page where the most recent posts always show. Always up to date / recent makes your content relevant and timely – all stuff that Google loves. Well – all stuff that the search users are trying to find. When you search for a topic are you looking for the post from 5 years ago or last week? Most of the time the answer is last week.

To create pages that are up to date – add blocks of posts that are embedded by category or tag. These will provide your most recent posts on the resource center page topic.

Most recent posts on each category resource page.

I was trying to find a good resource center page with SEO descriptions, lists of posts, most recent post, CTAs and easy to use filters… do you have one? link below – lets see some good examples!

Cathy Tibbles
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  1. I am really impressed with this one: https://fromthelarder.co.uk/. For a baking blog she has all the right stuff on her home landing page. It’s so clear, everything is easily accessible and it feels very clean and attractive. #GOALS

    Once I have more pillar content I will be reaching out for an update, Cathy! 🙂

    1. Oh – I Love that site – it is great. I think the white-space and the fonts really add to it!

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