How to Schedule a Post in WordPress

I’m not sure if Darren will cover this in this particular 31 days, but it is a great tool to keep the blog rolling, even when you’re not.  So much.  Rolling.  And I get a lot of questions about this not working in wordpress.  Also I receive comments from people finding that it is a bit “flakey”; meaning one day it will publish on time, and the next time, it won’t publish anything.  This is user-error probably just because you forgot to click on “Publish”.

If you follow this carefully, it will work EVERY time.

  1. Write a post or draft.  Save Draft.
  2. Go to the “Publish” panel, click “edit” beside “Publish immediately”.
  3. Edit the date to your chosen publish day and time.
  4. Click “ok”.
  5. Click on “PUBLISH” or all you have done is scheduled a DRAFT to post, which won’t happen.  Once you click on “publish” your tummy will get all in knots, (is that just me?) but don’t worry – it WON’T publish until your scheduled date and time.

Be sure to let me know if there are things that you need covered in regards to your wordpress blog, and how to use it.  I’ll do my best to cover it in a future post.

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  1. I did all of that with still no luck. I went to another place to look up a fix for the problem and after I replaced the wp_cron.php in the root fold and the cron.php in the wp_includes folder with the files from WordPress version 2.6.5, the problem was fixed. Just thought you’d like to know.

    1. I looked around based on your suggestion (thank you!) and it seems that there is a bug in this release of wp. The only way to avoid it is to schedule your post AFTER you’re done editing it. If you schedule it, and then go back in and make edits and save it, something with the chronology of the thing is off, and it won’t post at the correct time or at all. So if you need to edit it. Take it OUT of schedule mode, and then save as a regular draft. Then schedule it again.

      Thanks again for this tip!

  2. When I follow the recommended steps, the option “publish” changes to “schedule.”

    Regardless, I select schedule and the post misses the schedule.

    Any ideas?

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