If you would like to install and activate Jetpack and/or one of its modules. This tutorial will show you step-by-step how to get it into your self-hosted WordPress website. (the one where you purchase your own hosting).

Note on Using Jetpack

Please note that we do not install and/or recommend Jetpack by default. It is a huge piece of software and there are alternatives. Plus if you install it, you will be inundated with ads and requests to upgrade that are confusing.

In a few cases, we do recommend Jetpack, here are those situations:

  • you need enterprise level anti-spam (Akismet)
  • you are using WooCommerce
  • you use the WP.COM mobile app
  • you need DIY maintenance plan (if you have a Maintenance Plan at WPB, you do NOT need Jetpack)

If you do NOT need Jetpack try these for the same functions:

  • anti-spam: Anti-spam Bee and CleanTalk
  • backups: Updraft Plus, free version
  • speed: WP Rocket
  • security, firewall: Cloudflare and/or malcare
  • image optimization: ewww.io
  • recording stats: google analytics (Site Kit)
  • monitoring uptime: pingdom

The Difference between WordPress and WordPress+Jetpack

If the relationship between WordPress.com and WordPress.org and Jetpack is confusing to you, it IS confusing to everyone! lol See the FAQs at the bottom of this page for a more thorough explanation.

Install and Activate Jetpack without a WordPress.com Account

There are two options when installing Jetpack:

  1. Use a WordPress.com (note the .com ) account
  2. Do NOT use a WordPress.com account.

To install and connect Jetpack to your site, follow steps 1 through 4. At step 5 – follow the instructions to login /create an account or skip login. Then continue with the instructions per usual.

Step 1: Install Jetpack plugin.

Go to Plugins tab in the dashboard. Type “jetpack” into the search. Find Jetpack, and click, “Install Now”.

Step 2: “Activate”

After 30 seconds or so, the button will turn blue, click “Activate”

Step 3: You will be redirected automatically to Jetpack.

On the next screen, click “Set up Jetpack”(image 3a). If you are not immediately redirected, click Jetpack tab in your dashboard. On the Jetpack page, you will see the Intro screen for Jetpack. (Image 3b) Click “Set up Jetpack”.

Image 3A
Image 3b

Step 4: Then Wait for Jetpack.

Step 5: Continue without Login

If you do NOT wish to use a WP.COM account, scroll beneath the signup form, and click “Continue without user account.”

Step 5b: Continue & Login

To login (or create) your WP.COM account, add your email to the screen. If you have an account, be sure to use the same email as the existing WordPress.com account.

If there are more than one WordPress.com account attached to your name, you will need to select the correct account.

Step 6: Select the Product to Purchase

If you are starting, we recommend the free version. Scroll to bottom and click “Start with Jetpack Free”.

Step 6: Welcome Screens

When you see the welcome screen, skip the survey by clicking “At a Glance”.

Step 7: Activate Modules

From here, go to Settings tab. And scroll through the options, activating the desired modules. If you have opted to connect without a WordPress.com account, most options are not available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jetpack in WordPress?

It is a freemium plugin by the makers of WordPress (Automattic). They have added a lot of features into this plugin, that is natively found in WordPress.com. Most developers do not recommend that you use it, since it is all-encompassing and quite ‘big’.

Is Jetpack Free?

Sometimes. You can start free and you can use the basic comments feature, privacy policy, a small amount of image optimization and social sharing buttons for free. Any customizations or flexibility to any of those functions will require a paid account.

Is Jetpack good for WordPress?

There is a heated debate on this in the WordPress developers community! 🙂 Here is a list of what is available in the plugin, and the debates that rage on. Read at your own peril. https://www.isitwp.com/wordpress-plugins/jetpack/

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