My Interview with Recipe Teacher!

I’m excited to present a bit of an interview with Jason Norris. Jason is the cook behind Recipe Teacher. His most popular post, “Best Damn Air Fryer Porkchops” recipe gets millions of hits – I know you’ll find some nuggets to help you grow in his answers below.

1. How did you get started?

I started a recipe site in 2011 with healthy recipes after I had gotten an unexpected heart condition.

The site started out very slowly but after a year, gained some steam. I eventually sold it for a nice sum.

My current site I had started with the intention of flipping. But when things started to take off, I decided to ride the wave and it’s taken to heights I never imagined.

2. Do you have advice for newer bloggers?

I’ve been playing with websites for personal interests since 1998. That was when I started my Chicago area fishing website, which eventually grew to be the biggest in the area.

My best advice is to always be flexible with your ideas and go with the flow with what works. And always always always… content is king! Have original content.

You don’t have to write Pulitzer award winning articles. But you DO have to generate content.

My best advice is to always be flexible with your ideas and go with the flow with what works.

Jason Norris, Recipeteacher.com

3. How do you define success?

I think success is when you can make a living working for yourself and doing something you love.

I LOVE developing recipes, doing the photoshoots, and all that’s involved with making my website successful.

And now that i’ve been able to achieve success in building the site and making a living from it, the goal never stops – it’s now to SUSTAIN that success.

Complacency is not an option.

5. How did you grow at your craft?

I like to write the way I might speak to someone. I like my posts to be “easy” to read and fun to read.

I try to get to the point while having a bit of whimsy along the way.

6. How do you manage your family, website, job and everything else?

Having done this full-time for 11 months now, i’m still often figuring out how to best manage my time.

Of course the pandemic has really thrown everyone into weirdness when it comes to routine. Basically I play it by ear, but I find having some forced structure does really help.

Visit Jason at RecipeTeacher

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