Selecting Software the Big Bang Way

Start here for the first article in the Starting a Website series.  Today, we channel Penny, and try to avoid Sheldon, as we uncover the secret to selecting software.

Penny’s Pick: the Program

I’m sorry you have to go through this.  But you must have software to run a good website.  Or if you’re a total geek, you don’t.  But I strongly doubt anyone with a Star Trek affinity, Sheldon-quirkiness would stick around my blog for long.  So to the rest of us – lets tackle the selection of software as painlessly as possible.

The program for your website, must be:

  • affordable
  • easy to use
  • secure
  • extensible

I’ll just skip to the chase: WordPress fits the bill.  It didn’t used to fit all the bills.  But it does now, with few exceptions.

The stuff that we might like to make it even better:

  • SEO assistance
  • easy to brand
  • anti-spam filters
  • paypal buttons/ e-shops
  • calendars & schedulers
  • user management
  • privacy settings
  • event planners
  • copyright protection
  • photography showcases
  • VPN reviews
  • social network integrations

Yes – you can get all of that too, with no more than a couple clicks.  It will be easier if you have Sheldon as a neighbour, but even if you don’t, you can figure this out.  Each piece of software that has the ability to integrate into WordPress and extend its capabilities is known as a plugin.  WordPress has thousands. Literally.  Here’s a look at some of our favorite plugins.

For those of us in Penny’s shoes, WordPress is a no-brainer.