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I hope you don’t skip over this post today – this is not just another featured blogger.  Case in point – I went to her blog to get a couple snippets from the about page.

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I’m back. 30 minutes later.  #ImNotEvenJoking

Her titles just suck you in – you have to read the first bits – at least to figure out if the article is interesting. Then that damn first paragraph just sucks your soul right into the entire thing. You can’t stop reading. Truly. I dare you to try!

How did she get over 300,000+ visits every month? The easiest way to explain it is to show you:

Snippets of BeyondBlackWhite.com this week:

Video: Is Christelyn Against ‘Black Love?’
I get accused of this quite often, but if folks feel some kinda way because I don’t think it’s right to tell black women that need to look under every rock, crevice, highroad and low road, all the continents and along the Seven Seas and the Black Sea to find a black man so folks…

MAC Studio Tech Introduces Five New Deep Shades
Good news for the chocolate girls. Mac Cosmetics has five new deep shades in their Studio Tech line. High-definition, medium- to full-coverage and studio-quality – our backstage-tested M∙A∙C Studio Tech foundation is now available in a full colour spectrum to suit all skin tones. Five new deep shades allow virtually anyone to achieve a flawless […]

So…Slavery Was More Benevolent When Africans and Arabs (still) Do It?
People like to romanticize slavery between blacks from Africa, as if we were somehow more benevolent than the transcontinental slave trade. That African slavery treated their slaves more like family than servants. Really? Because this is about the 50-11th story about some Nigerian family in America enslaving a woman against her will, and if she’s […]

Open Thread…Trump or Sanders–Where Do You Stand?…
There was a major blowout at the New Hampshire last night, where Donald Trump and and Bernie Sanders took the primaries by storm. Bernie walked away with 60 percent, and Trump won with 35%. This must be a major upset for the Hilary Clinton and Cruz camps. Where do you stand on all of it?

Online Dating: “Anyone But a Black Woman?”…
Online dating companies that allow you to tick the boxes of your racial preferences often leave black women with the short end of the stick. For a variety of reasons we’ve discussed in the past, there’s often a hesitancy to list us as a preference, and we’re often filtered out. But more often than not, […]

Our Very Own ‘Savage Tango’ Is Getting Hitched!…
Ah…I’m loving all this engagement news! BB&W’s very own outspoken and much-loved community member, ‘Savage Tango’ proposed to his love this passed Super Bowl weekend, and she said YES! Some of you might not know this, but after his first marriage ended, Savage was a confirmed bachelor. Guess the love of an amazing woman has […]

Christelyn has everything required for a successful blog. She writes at least once a day. And she says that if one post is sort of informational, the next one has to be very enticing.

You can tell that she is passionate about all her posts – her voice comes through in her podcasts, videos and writing. This is her work – her passion – and she makes a difference in the lives of her audience.

She’s found her niche. And they love her.

[info_box type=”note_box”]

Advice from Founder, Christelyn Karazin

If you want to encourage engagement, I highly recommend these tips from Christelyn:
“Be ready for the long haul, because success won’t happen overnight. Be authentic to your own interests, because that will create the most compelling content.

“If you want to make an impact, you cannot be afraid of some people getting mad at you. if there aren’t people getting mad at you, you’re doing something wrong – you’re too boring. You’re too vanilla.

“The fact that you can tap into somebody’s emotions from 1000 miles away that haven’t met you – if you believe in it strongly the internet is the place to display that. Take a position! Don’t be corporate. Corporate is so bland.

“Mean what you say. Don’t be afraid to be wrong. And be open about it!”[/info_box]

If you’re interested in reading more on swirling, or you just can’t help yourself, visit BeyondBlackWhite.com.

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Your turn:

Do you add a bit of controversy or at least opinion to your titles? What is the reaction like?

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