If you have landed on this post then you probably already know, but Pinterest guidelines have completely changed for 2022. Today in this live recording of my Pinterest Workshop we’re going to look at how it’s changed and how to make the most of it!

Pinterest Workshop Topics

This short 15 minute workshop will touch on the following topics:
– What content to Pin.
– Creating Pins in bulk ( I’ll show you how we create 10 fresh pins from just ONE image!).
– CURRENT Best Practice guidelines for scheduling pins.
– At the end we discuss any questions and comments those who attended the original workshop had ( If YOU have any questions after watching the video please feel free to send me an e-mail).

Thanks for coming to the Pinterest Mini Workshop! Here are the links that I talked about – and a bonus at the bottom! 

Workshop Handouts

  1. Pinterest Templates for Canva x10
  2. Worksheet/ Notes for today
  3. Blog Post with Scheduler Review
  4. Basic Guidelines for Pinterest in 2022

BONUS: This lady keeps us up to date with all things Pinterest. I highly recommend you subscribe to her newsletter if you wish to keep abreast of Pinterest developments. 

Pinterest Workshop Video

Beginner Checklist

If you’re starting out, you’ll love our comprehensive 52 point checklist for your website! Read through once, and then work on items one at a time as it comes up!

52 Edits Checklist – beginners categories

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